Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I forgot we have settled on a name

He is going to be Owen Jack Daniels, some are calling him Jack and some are calling him Owen, he is getting fairer by the week and drinking for England, or Wales or South Africa !

Its not the hormones, its the kids!

Oh my oh my, I just had to write down my day today just to make sure I am still on this planet. It started with a phone call from our nanny at 7am saying that her house had caught on fire and she was rescued by her brother in the middle of the night. She is OK but spent the night in A&E and is rather devastated as her parents have just left on a 3 week holiday to Florida, leaving her in charge of the house.

Clinton then left for work, its great he has his second big boiler job and its only around the corner so I thought at that point things were looking up but no. I realised that I had no car still because our 4 year old Toyota verso has engine problems and we have spent just shy of £1000 and it still isn't working. I also discovered that Clinton left the pram in the car! so I was stranded with 4 kids in the house again. I didn't feel like cleaning up after the kids all day so I dusted off the baby sling, strapped Owen to my front and took the 3 girls on a scooter ride to the shops, luckily missing the rain that we had throughout the day. All was looking OK and it was 2pm, over half way through the day and no crying spells, no disasters... was this to be a fabulous feel good day or was the worse to come! Bete then sprung a surprise on us and insisted on cleaning the house even though I had cleaned it the day before! So I repaid her by filling in various forms for her in English. During this time Cerys decided to swing on the wardrobe door in her bedroom and ripped the entire thing off, she then hid in my room and decided to throw Clintons fathers day present (a belt) out of the window, which is now stuck on the roof. (I don't think he liked it anyway). So the naughty stairs have started to get used again, thank god Bete did show up to hoover them and make them comfortable for my terrors. Oh I forgot to mention the hour and half lunch we sat through to eat one sandwich, an occurrence that happens regularly in our house, they tend to take it in turns on how fussy they are. Next episode was finding my nail varnish, yes, Cerys managed to paint her fingers and toes, not just the nails, the whole bedroom stinks of nail varnish but surprising I cant seem to find any on the carpet!! I am sure I will tomorrow.

What finally made the tears come was the next incident, whilst I was feeding Owen his 6th lunch Erin came down looking all pleased with herself...."look at my lovely hair style!" WHAT....I said and I saw that the back of her cute bob was all wonky, not that bad but not the straight look. "Oh dear" was my calm reply, we will have to straighten that up next time you are due for a cut Erin, that was a bit naughty, don't tell me Cerys did it" ...."No mummy it was Megan, but I cut Cerys hair for her!!!!" WHAT..... I screamed as I ran up the stairs with Bete close behind and then I saw the mess, hair everywhere and Megan with a dustpan and brush trying to hide the evidence. Cerys didn't seem bothered at all, she has a huge gap in her beautiful locks that now reach her bum, well they did, not anymore, Erin had cut the back close to the scalp, I really don't know what we are going to do but my response at the time was to cry. I couldn't get my head around the fact my baby girl was no longer going to have the long hair I always dreamed of. Very selfishly reaction I suppose because when i calmed down and asked Cerys how she felt, she replied "I want short hair anyway mummy". The rest of the evening was pretty quiet, apart from the building work next door, i sent Megan and Erin to their rooms for punishment and Cerys got to watch a bit of TV. When it was time for bed I discovered that Cerys had wet the sofa, oh great another evening up to my arms in soap suds and finally i got a call at 8.30pm from my tenants saying they had been broken into and they wanted us to come in and fix the door, i explained as politely as i could that all damage should be covered on their household insurance and it wasn't our responsibility as a landlord to pay for a new door and lock. My tenant was rather rude and said he would look at his contract and confirm this and with that hung up!! Oh what a great day I am having and the evening is just beginning!!

Monday, June 08, 2009

One week old

Baby D is doing just fine, he had his heal prick test today and managed a litte squak but he didnt make half the noice that Erin did which was a week old. The prick test takes blood sample from the heal of the foot and is sent off to lab to check a few things like the digestion system etc. He also lost a bit of weight, now weighing in at 3.8kg (birth weight 4kg) which is odd as I thought he was getting bigger. No worries though as this is usually the case with breast feed babies.

The last 2 nights he has slept through from 1am till 7am, i dont know whats in my milk but it does the trick!

The girls havent lost interest yet, they are still fighting over him but at least Megan is now back at school and Sonia is here to help with the other 2 and I have some fabulous friends like Olga and Esme who have taken the girls off my hands and entertained them, leaving me with time alone with little baby D.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Only 11 weeks to go

Can you believe it, many can't, that I only have 11 weeks to go before I pop out a boy! Well it is a bit shocking that I am having number 4 but very exciting all at the same time. I do hope this little one doesn't put me off children, make me crack up, or turn me totally grey. I do love a challenge as you all know but 4 kids under 6 in a recession, we must be mad, well I am.

I use a number of different social networks to keep in touch with family, link up with old friends or even network with potential new business but sometimes reading about your past can become rather depressing. I got stuck into Linked In today as I am building a list of guests to our next networking event. I soon discovered that many old friends, old colleagues have done extremely well with their careers, Directors, CEO's, Owners,entrepreneurs...but where am I!!! I am working part time, trying my hardest to win new business for a tiny business, about to go on maternity with only statutory pay - something ain't right here me thinks! where have I got to? what happened to my Alpha and my Audi? They were replaced with a people carrier. What happened to those crazy nights out? they were replaced by TV and popcorn. What happened to the luxury holidays to far off distant places, diving amongst the coral and bungee jumping off bridges? they were replaced with package holidays to Spain or camping in the south of France.....that's where I have landed up. I was moaning to myself on an email to an old friend Chloe and she made me realise that I have achieved quiet a bit in my 30 odd years....I have done many things that others havent, travelled the world, driven fast cars, seen the sights, worked through a number of jobs and to top it all off I have achieved something that many havent, I have 3 beautiful little girls, I'm still married to my handsome prince, with a couple of houses in a nice area at the same time as pinning down a very responsible job... well that's what I hope anyway. Thank you Chloe for making me feel better about myself and realising it is friends and family that make you successful. Sorry to get all silly, it must be the hormones. I thought I would end this blog with a nice photo of the girls last week, after a birthday party and insisting I painted their faces.... yet another skill I have mastered since having children. Next time I will tell you a few stories about bump number four!
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Friday, February 06, 2009

Bike rides in the cold

Teaching three girls to ride a bike at the same time is not a fun thing to do on a freezing saturday afternoon. I really must be mad but we ended up in the playground of Danson park with a nice hot cuppa. Not sure if the girls enjoyed the bike ride but they loved the playground and chocolate on the way home!!
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Having fun in the snow in January 09

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Its been a while

It has been a while and i now intend to update this blog site and use it properly, only problem is i have forgotton all my passwords and logins. Thank god for Cookies because i just logged into Blogger.com and it got me straight in.

i will blog more very soon, promise

Friday, June 01, 2007

I cant believe I am back

I cant believe I have finally managed to get into my blog account. I have tried a number of times and technology has prevented me. My firewall was too good!!

Well I would love to write lots but unfortunately everyone wants me, all the girls, the school, clinton, the cleaner, god why cant I just have some time to myself !!!!!!

Sunday, December 10, 2006

New additions to the family

It shows that I haven't written in ages because I havent yet told you of our new addition to the Daniels family. Schelton and Ursula had little Amy the end of September, she is days old here but she must now be 3 months. We would love a new picture guys to update the album. We are bad at keeping in touch, I do try and remember but as I mentioned in my last entry, where does time go. Every minute seems to be jammed with things to do, sometimes I feel like hiding somewhere, thats where a tree house would come in handy. Maybe thats what we should build the kids, then when they are in bed I could hide and pretend nothing existed. Don't worry folks I am not losing it, just having one of those mad moments. I really must go now, my feet are going knumb. Just for all you lot in the lovely hot South Africa, it is bloody freezing over here, frost and everything in time for Christmas. Love to all xxx

Long time no hear

So sorry I havent written in months, well here goes. We had a lovely evening last night at Rachel and Mikes new pad and enjoyed the company of their guest including the lovely Mamta, Raj and Nikhil. It was Mamta that mentioned I hadnt updated you all in a while so I thought I would get my newest pictures up for you all to see.

Megan with her moody model look, Erin showing off her tongue and cheeky Cerys with her little laugh I love so much. They are all growing up so quickly and it scares me how time flys by so fast.

Lots has happened since my last drunken input, we are now settled into our lovely new home, the garage is leaking more than ever and Megans toys have gone mouldy but the handy Clinton has gone up on the roof and has filled it with this tar stuff this afternoon. Megan has just done her school play and was an angel, Erin is driving me bonkers but is getting better, even though she is a handful she is so amusing and has us laughing a lot of the time. Cerys is getting huge and is on solids, last week she got her first tooth and the second one is now on the way. Clinton has lots of work, thank god, the tenants have paid their first standing order on time and we managed to pay the bills for the first time without me earning a salary. I have decided to take another 6 months off work, which is a huge relief because I just couldn't face leaving the little ones quite this soon and the cost of childchild stress's me out beyond belief.

Mum and Dad are well, their flat is coming on nicely, It will be rented out after christmas and it is rather trendy and posh.! Anyone out there wants to rent a cool 2 bed pad, 5 minutes walk to the station, fanstatic london views, hot tub outside the front door and superb neighbours let me know.!!

We are off to Wales for Christmas and I really can't wait, both my cousins Catherine and Victoria are pregnant and the kids are so excited in father christmas squeezing down that huge inglenook fireplace. It makes it so much more believeable having a huge chimney for him to fit down.

Recently we had a few good old friends come and visit for the weekend. Firstly Vicky and Dave with little Lucy came up for the weekend, it was great seeing them and good for Megan to have her little friend to come and play. The following weekend the lovely Amanda and Simon came to stay and made our anniversary, without them I would have been home alone because Clinton managed to drag himself home at 9.30 rather worse for wear. Amanda spoilt me as usual and made me not one but two beautiful necklaces. She has done so well and anyone hasnt visited her site yet you must www.jewelleryrocks.co.uk. She has just launched her new site and business too www.shinneyrocks.co.uk so if you are keen on making your own jewellery look no further, Amanda can supply you with all you need.

Anyway I really must dash, I have photos to print, plates to wash and a drink in the fridge with my name on it xx

Sunday, October 22, 2006

well oh well oh well

I am here, at long last. My compter is attached and I am very drunk. I am home alone because Clinton has decided to stay out longer but poor old Esme has saved the day and looked after the kids until 4am because I quite forgot the time!! I feel so bad but I really didnt know the time. Any way I must tell you a funny quote tonight, my lovely daugher Megan slept in my bed tonight because of the firewoks, well after my night out I lifted her and she said "why are you moving me mummy, isnt emmsee (meaning esme) not there for me anymore? I replied "of course darling" she replied "well go away then and leave me alone" Well that is just bloody charming... On a serious note Es you are one in a million, I owe you one, Thanks Es, you are very special xxxx

Saturday, September 16, 2006

An icecream moment

Kids just know

I braved Sainsburys today with three kids. I managed to avoid shop assistants as Erin slowly munched her way through almost an entire bag of grapes, Megan suddenly became thirsty as she passed the Robinson squash bottles so I gave in and opened a mini can of lemonade, bad I know but it was better than a screaming tantrum in rush hour shopping. When we passed the flowers Megan said something that made me melt. She stopped in her tracks, held my hand and said " Mummy, lets get Batty some flowers, I think the pinks ones will make her smile". At three years old she has picked up that Flowers make you feel good. Megan loves her Batty I really think they are soul mates, she just adores her.

It is sad how far away you are from those so close to you

We have had lots of sad news over the last few weeks, a family friend has been diagnosed with cancer, another friend has spent a long spell in hospital and has thankfully just returned home and finally another family friend died this week. Pete Selwood, an old friend of my folks, died of a bone cancer. Due to his disease he ended up an alcoholic and died a very lonely man because his family and many friends gave up on him, he became depressed through the drink and gave up on life. I have few memories of Pete but my folks have many.

We have recently lost Clinton father, the thing I am most sad about (apart from his death) is because we didn't talk to him as much as we should have done. I think the moral here is it is so good to talk and it doesn't take much to listen, it is only time and if we can't give up a bit of our precious time to those we love, what is the point in loving. Also you have to help yourself and if that means seeking professional help, that is not such a bad thing!

So to all thoses out there who politely run a mile when your friends or family talk about the same old problems, don't think 'I have my own problems to deal with', don't pussy foot around topics like death, love, depression, illness and problems, help that person face them, you may make all the difference. It may be a certain type of person or someone really close to you that will bring these things up head on and depending on how one is feeling at the time depends on how openly one accepts that persons help.

Also those that want someone to listen, next time don't shrug off any help offered and just say 'Oh I'm fine, there are people far worst than me!' Just take it or seek it. It may be easier to talk to a stranger, someone who isn't living or trying to live your life may have a clearer view on things. Sometimes a solution is never reached but talking about it can ease the sadness or stress or worry. Sometimes you may have to go against your morals to find a cure.

It is so important to be there for the ones we love, even if it is just an ear, it is better than ignoring what is going on and hoping it will get better. When we get older we are more likely to be struck down with illness, know someone that has died, been through a divorce, suffered sadness of sorts or suffered stress.

That is enough of the serious stuff from me.

Friday, September 15, 2006

Where does time go

Cant believe how quickly time goes by, so much happening I just don't know where to start. Megan is going through a very difficult stage, I think it is because of the attention that the younger ones are getting. Everyone is coo's over Cerys and playing with cheeky Erin and they tend to ignore Megan or when they do speak to her she just ignores them and looks into the air as if she didn't hear. It can be really embarrassing especially when people start a full blown conversation and Megan just looks up at me and says "I don't want to be here mummy, I want to go". She is going through the "want, want, want" stage and if she doesn't get the response she wants she just screams, squeaks or cries. I do try and ignore her noises but sometimes I just have to react. Just like today in B&Q.... I tend to meet the world and his wife in B&Q, after all it is our favorite bloody shop at the moment. Megan started off all quiet and sweet, then I needed to change some paint, that of course I wasn't aloud to change as it was a mixed Dulux paint. I thought I picked a white paint with a hint of brown (called Hessian), but it came out pink on the wall, silly me I thought Hessian was from the brown family not the pink one!! Well, I ended up with the lovely Lola, who was actually Little Miss Josslen. It was so funny, she had a very straight face but kept cracking jokes, I thought she was being serious, she just wasn't having my excuses of choosing the wrong colour and wasn't going to accept blame so Megan just had to step in and entertain her with a huge screaming tantrum in B&Q. " I don't want to stay in this place any more mummy, its not fair, I want an ice cream like you promised me". I was left in what seemed like a huge isle with Erin throwing her shoes at customers and Cerys screaming for milk......"God give me Strength" is what I was screaming in my head. I left the store with the same pot of paint and spent an extra £30 on storage boxes....Clinton wasn't too happy but didn't complain when he saw the stress on my face when I returned to our half painted new home!

Anyway I have now decided to paint the playroom pink as to not waste the 'Hessian' at £28.50 a tin!!!

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

corr blimey Moses

It has been a while since the last input of the Daniels life. Time just goes by doesn't it. So have many funny episodes in my life, each one I think I must put that one on the blog but rarely get the time to tell you.

I haven't mentioned much about the new house have I? well it may be because I still think it is just too good to be true and I really see this house as a life changer for us. Many of you that know me will know that my current home (Sun Lane) has seen me through many happy and sad moments. I bought the house 14 years ago, my first home, first place of independence. All my mates were concentrating on university and what type of drink to buy each week and I was all grown up, waering expensive suits, Cheap shoes and a paying a mortgage each month. This first little house has seen many relationships, not just from me or course but most of my mates would bring their new catch to mine because I was the only one with a pad of my own. I had a separate fridge for beers, which was always the full one, I was rarely in the house to cook, the local cab office knew me personally and I very rarely visited the supermarket in day light hours.

Of course now everything has changed. The booze fridge has been dumped for a large silver fridge freezer and the vodka bottle now lives on the shelf. The local cab office has now changed hands so many times I know no-one and cant even remember the number by heart. I now seem to live in the supermarket, actually I use the supermarket as the highlight of the week at times. (all the desperate housewives will understand). Sad I hear you all say but there are up sides to 'the Change'. I make good use of the sofa and the kettle and TV. I have upgraded all three and now have a fab big silver TV, so huge one that takes over the whole room, a new sofa that makes a fab bed to catch up with the odd bit of sleep during thrilling daytime TV and finally some really true best mates that help to entertain the party animal that I will never lose. When I do go out I really do it in style and actually lose days from my life!! (will explain later). Back to my little end of terrace in Sun lane. All three of my treasures have started their little lives here, I started and ended my first grown up relationship here, met my lovely hubbie here. My best buddy Becs found Sun Lane as a fab sanctuary after the end of her marriage (6 years ago), So did Esme call this place her home and stayed here for a year the last time she ran away from the US. Goodness this place has really seen a few sites and will be really missed but.... I am not losing Sun Lane, I am using Sun Lane as my bank now, I have taken out a nice large mortgage and have bought my next pad, with a big garden, front and back, drive for two cars and a garage. It also has huge potential to convert into a 5 bed, 3 reception roomed house for the ever increasing Daniels family......Goodness I was just interrupted by a screaming Erin who has had enough of her wobbly headed turtle, that chimes when you put shapes in it and she is screaming the house down for attention, this has just been added by Cerys lower pitched cries as she has now managed to kick herself sideways out of her little chair (she is strapped in but is rather long and strong for her age) and has just kicked over an entire can of diet pepsi, apart from that the patient neighbours may just give in and report me for neglect as I try my hardest to steal 10 minutes from my beauty's to write to you. Another reason to leave is because Megans school is closing in 30 minutes....What a bad mother I am...I will be back later to tell you some funny stories...Promise

Friday, August 11, 2006


Guess what...bing...fuzz...f**k...I am trying to do a Pete but not very well...We have tickets to the Big Brother final!! We have to be at the studio at 4.30pm!! next Friday At the moment its Myself, Es, Becs and Lisa how very exciting. I never get to do things like this. Must go, need to catch up BB Big mouth xx

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Forgot to mention

We have finally got around to building our own website. Lots more to do with it but its a start. The package we are using is very limited and only lets us have 2 photo albums, which is not good as I was going to do it mainly has a photo diary. So lots of work needed to make it fun to read. Have a look anyway www.thedanielsfamily.org.uk.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Finally a bit of fitness to finish us off

Last weekend the Daniels family took our new car over to the Excel centre to watch Buttons, Hilton and Tim flex their muscles and put us all to shame as they succeeded in doing rather well in this years
Triathalon as an elite team! Paul was 4th out of the water (I must add that a woman was 5th, but she must have been well fit Paul!!) Hilton's chain came off which held him back a minute or two but we think Tim did well in the run, the last leg. It is hard to say because there are so many people doing it but I was well impressed with the boys. Clinton is now talking about doing it next year instead of the marathon...Anyone want to join him!! We would have stayed longer for a few beers but Erin was running around the pub eating everything in sight and Megan wanted to sleep on the big leather sofa in the bar, so we decided to make a sharp exit before the tears came. The boys had a good turn out, Clinton had a good chat with Hilton and his family and I caught up with Mark, Ranson, Emma (King) and Sujata, just a few that came to support the lads. I hope to find out where they were placed soon - Well done guys! Top stuff

Party time but poorly Cerys

I mentioned in my last post a few fab times I have had. Well two of them have been in London with my work colleagues and friends. I braved the tube in the heat and got myself into Soho to celebrate Nat's birthday one week and then Damiti's leaving do the next. It was fab and I really got to know a few people better, which was even better.

It was lovely to see Nat on her birthday, after a few glasses of wine Nat showed us how to mount a motorbike and Mark entertained Damiti, Hannah (his lovely girlie) and myself over dinner. We went for an Italian to soak up some wine and had quite a giggle. Damiti is a friend and over the last 6 months I have grown much closer to Nat, however most of my colleague didn't really cross the line of friendship, if you see what I mean. This night was great as I got much closer to Mark and got to see a different side of him, I do hope this friendship stays there, I had a top time Mslash.

The following week was a heavy one and from what I remember it was great. We danced lots and drank even more. It was one of those nights that just carried on and on and everyone was on such good form they just didn't want to stop. Becs, Clare, Laura and little Clare were out too. Damiti was rather merry before I got there but we did a grand job of sobering her up with chips and coffee. I caught up with the Emmas and Becky too, which was great and ending the blinding evening with Harvs, Clarky, Becs and Clare clubbing in Leicester square. I believe I was practicing my ragga moves with lots of strange men!! Thank god Clare was there to save me again. The evening ended with me losing my memory, forgetting my pin number, the ATM eating my card and me having a stand up row as I didn't want to get into a dodgy cab. Clare dropped both Becs and I off first! I couldn't get the key in the door and Clare had to wake up poor Clinton to get me in. I then had to express milk so not to poison my beautiful little girl!! As she was on the bottle she slept all night and didn't wake until 9am....What a darling.

The only problem that has occurred from my recent partying (only done it a few times in the last month) is that Cerys has been on formula milk a few times. I have managed to continue expressing so not to encourage my milk to dry up but Cerys hasn't been herself over the last few days. I am not sure it is down to the milk but that is the only change she has had. I don't want to get too gross on you but she hadn't had a poo in 3 days and I was beginning to get worried. I had her all packed up in the car this morning ready to take her to the doctors when she had an almighty poo, it was very very runny and rather green, but since then she has been back to her normal happy self so all worries are over!

Goodness it has been a while - sorry but a long one

I will break this up into bits to try and make the read more fun!

Those funny moments - I have been blessed with a few funny moments over the last few weeks and some great evenings shared with new and old friends. The pictures in this entry shows how responsible we are as parents!! Please don't judge, the kids had lots of fun, even though it was rather late at night and there was mud involved, we were trying to get them into bed, honestly. They just had a shower outside in the garden rather than the boring bath...Just to make a change! The kids decided to water the garden with the contents of the paddling pool and as you can see there was a lack of grass (Due to the hose pipe ban, blame the government again). Before we knew it there was a mud bath in the middle of the garden, one of the kids fell over and got covered in mud, this caused a small giggle, which they then thought would get more of a laugh if they all rolled around in it. Little Cerys slept through the entire event and so did Erin (thank god!). I hope Esmes garden wasn't too badly damaged by morning. It did need a good old water!

favorite tastes and smells - Everyone has their favorite smells and tastes but have you ever thought about your favorite sounds! Well I discovered one of mine tonight. I have had a very nice relaxing evening alone. The kids were all in bed by 7pm, a bloody miracle and absolutely marvelous. I had an inspiration yesterday, bought on by Nat's brother (Nat is friend at work.) He said he had a huge clear out of clothes and shoes and threw things away that he hadn't worn in 6 months, well I am always given myself excuses to not through away things like...Im pregnant, I'm not pregnant, I am feeling fat, I am fat, I am going to lose weight and get into that, I am working...I am not working....I am a party animal....I am a housewife. Therefore one does need a rather large wardrobe with all my identities, however saying all this I have now decided to go for it and give it up to charity. Getting back to my point about sounds and tastes I must continue. I have been having a good clear out and then decided to go shopping, my mind was set on spending money....But could I find anything I liked...No I couldn't. I ended up buying a bargain teeshirt for Clinton and my dad and a towel for Megan, however I did treat myself to a large tub of Coconut cream scrub from Marks and that how I began my evening. After a long soak in the tub, dye on the hair, quick manicure and pedicure (by myself of course) I really fancied a vodka and diet coke! Drinking alone, I hear you say, has she got a problem! But I remembered one of my favorite sounds. That sound is the metal lid of the vodka spinning off the bottle and the sound of cracking as the liquid hits the ice....What a lovely sound, it always reminds me of those intense America movies, just before a naughty moment or when some gangster gets shot, I suppose it makes me feel like I am all grown up and living in the movies. Well I am all grown up now and even though it feels like I am being naughty having a vodka and diet coke alone, I don't suppose this is really that strange....I mean I am a 36 year old woman with 3 kids and a big mortgage....Damn, that is what I had forgotten whilst I was floating away in the bath!!

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Batty and her best buddies

Some of you may already know that the kids call my Mum Batty. Very odd I hear you say but there is a reason behind it. Mum has two best friends from childhood and they are in the picture here. Sue, in the red shirt and white trousers lives in the US with her husband Paul. She has 4 lovely kids and 2 grandkids so far and came over last week for a holiday. Sue's mother was called Atty, which means nannie in one of the Indian languages (apparently she spent time in India) When Mum (in the middle of the picture) became a grandma she didn't want to be a granny or grandma and we already have a Nana in the family (my nana). She thought so much of Atty as a child and wanted to follow in her footsteps but my uncle thought it much more apt to be a Batty instead of Atty and that just stuck.!

Mums other best friend is Rachel (right hand side of photo with the brown top on). Rachel is my Godmother and lives to the north of Newcastle with her hubby Mike. She has two kids that are all grown up now and have moved out. It was so nice seeing the three of them all together and I just hope that I remain close to my friends like they have. Even though they all live many miles away and don't often meet up together, when they do get together nothing changes and they chat just like the old days. Mum had a lovely time with her old pals.

No fear

We have now established that our middle daughter is either mad or has no fear. She jumps off the stairs, loves the slide, climbs everything, usually me when I am feeding Cerys but her recent one is in the hot tub at my folks house.

Mum and Dad have just had a hot tub delivered to their new deck, it is fabulous and is like a mini swimming pool for the kids. Megan can stand in it but as the tub is all different depths she is very cautious when walking around it, it actually took her days to get the confidence to get in alone and even now she doesn't like it when the bubbles are on. However Erin is a different kettle of fish. If someone is in the tub she wants to get in and she just doesn't care if she goes under the water, she does it again and again, most of the time she cries afterwards but she just keeps on doing it. They do have fun in the tub but you have to watch them constantly. Even though it gives you peace and quiet you can't really relax and close your eyes incase Erin disappears in the bubbles!

We did have a near miss last week. I forgot to bring Erins swimming knickers so we put her in the tub in her birthday suit. She whinned to get out and even though Erin constantly whinned we were a bit baffled because there were people in the pool and she seemed to be enjoying herself. After mum lifted her out she proceeded to poo all over the decking and then sit in it. Yukky yukky yuk.....I couldn't stomach cleaning in up because it was rather soft and smelly, so mum did it in such a matter of fact way. It didn't bother her at all!! it is great to have parents like mine, they are so laid back and a bit of poo doesn't bother them at all!

Playing games

Erin is such a cheeky monkey now, she has learnt to climb the stairs but she cant come down, what she tends to do is get to the top and then scream to come back down. However last week she climbed the stairs and found something very interesting at the top! We had watched her get to the top safely and then she went into her room to play. We then got on with household stuff....like watching TV or surfing the web when everything went very quiet. Normally this means trouble with Erin because the only time she is quiet is when she is asleep or doing something naughty. Clinton ran up the stairs to find Erin had filled the entire toilet with her toys! She found this quite amusing but we didn't because Megan keeps forgetting to pull the flush after going!!! nice one Erin